Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Pedal Board Day: Homestyle Edition: Part 1

Ever since my SKB pedal board broke down, I've been looking for a new pedal board.  I bought a power supply with the intent of either buying a Pedal Train or Gator pedal board.  However, the one's I've been looking at cost $150.  Honestly, I just can't swing that, so I turned to the internet for help.  I looked into building my own pedal board.

It turns out there is a very easy way to make one.  It's with the help of Ikea.  You take the Hejne HM-35 shelf, and make it into a pedal board.

So here's what I am dealing with:

The shelves come in two packs.  So if I screw one up, I can always use the other one.  Now to cut it down to size.  I wanted it to fit into my old SKB pedal board case.  So I took measurements of the old case.

So now for a little trim.

I took off one of the wooden bars, and shortened the other ones.

Here I took the former piece on the side, shortened it, took out the nails with the cutoffs, and then re-nailed it to the shortened pieces of wood.  I hope that made sense.  Either way, the above is now perfectly cut to size.  Now to make it angled.

Now to put the feet on.

I used wood glue and screws to hold down the angled feet.  I used the clamps to hold it in place while I worked on it.

Since this is a soft wood I made sure to drill holes before I put in the screws.

I used three screws on each side.  That along with Titebond wood glue should be plenty enough.

Here it is on the ground.  It doesn't rock or anything.  So I'm doing well so far.

And it still fits well in my SKB case.  I'm really starting to dig this.  Now it's time to paint.

Here you can see my "hi-tech" painting station.  I decided to use some paint we already had.  But first I used the primer. 

The wood was so porous that it was just soaking up the primer.  So I kept putting on more as I was trying to fill in the hard to reach places.  Now I will let it dry for a while before continuing on with the project.

So stay tuned.  I will post a "Part 2" for this story. 

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