Saturday, June 11, 2016

School Dayz: Sixth Week In: Moving At 2/3rd Speed

It was inevitable.  If you start going to a place with a lot of people like a school, you are going to get sick.  And guess what?  I got sick.  It was the usual stuff that gets me.  First my sinuses flow like Niagara Falls, and my throat goes raw. 

So, I start to raid the medicine cabinet.  I look around.  I'm running somewhat late in the morning so I have to do a "best guess" at this point.  I grab the Mucinex DM.

And the Robitussin DM.

I make my way to school, and try not to infect anyone.  After I was there awhile I started to feel funny.  Not sick funny.  I felt like the cover of Cream's "Disraeli Gears" album.

Everything, including my brain, started moving at 2/3rds speed.  It suddenly occurred to me that I was not legal to drive at that moment.  In fact, I was probably not legal to even sign my signature on some sort of official paperwork.

Suddenly, the song that made the most sense in the world at that point was, The Cars, "Moving in Stereo." 

Before I started to write this blog, I took a peek at the instructions of the Robitussin.  It said, "Do not take this if you take "this" type of medicine."  Guess what?  I take that kind of medicine.  So that now makes sense.  It seems that I had some medicines react with each other. 

So I vowed not to do it again, and just suffered with my stupid cold without any meds.  Luckily, I am now at the end of my uncommon cold.  But I will remember this.  Not to mess around with mixing meds.

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