Saturday, April 9, 2016

Scareboarders: This Year's Bad April Fools' Day Gag

I always try to do something stupid for April Fool's Day.  It's the prankster in me.  Three years ago I said that my girlfriend at the time and myself were adopting a Chinese baby named Ling Long.  Some people got really mad in that, they believed it.  So I skipped pulling a prank the next two years because of it.  Yes, I really made some people mad with that one.

So this year I was back at it.  But I wanted to do something so stupid that no one would really believe it.  But it couldn't be too stupid.  That would give away the joke.  So I needed something out of left field that would make people say, "what?"  But I needed it to be real enough that they would think about it before discarding it.

So my first thought was, "Let me do something like "Ghost Hunters."  You know, these guys:

What if I said I had a show like, "Ghost Hunters" that was being looked at by the Sy-Fy channel?  But it couldn't be a total ripoff.  It had to be "one louder."  It had to have a little "Jackass" in it.  You know, these guys:

That's when it hit me.  It had to be "Jackass" meets "Ghost Hunters."  It was all about skateboarders and other extreme sports type of guys who venture into haunted places.  I would call it, "Scareboarders!!!"

To pad the joke, I also decided to ask local music artists for permission to use their music.  Namely, since Sy-Fy is on a budget they wouldn't want to pay for national artists.  So yes, I threw the hook out there to all my musician friends. 

So to finally sell it to all my friends on Facebook I posted that a couple of friends and myself were developing the with the Sy-Fy channel to bring it to TV.  That's when I also mentioned the need for local music bands. 

I did get a whole bunch of likes.  Of course, I don't know if they got that it was a joke, or that I was really trying to get a TV series.  I did manage to snag one friend.  She even tagged a friend of hers' so that he would let me know what music I could use for the show.

At the end of day I did come clean.  Everyone thought it was funny.  So no hurt feelings like when I said I was adopting a little Chinese girl.  I'm really proud of what I thought of this year.  And on a side note, if Sy-Fy really does like the idea of a show that's described as "Ghost Hunters" meets "Jackass" let me know.  I think we could work something out.

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