Friday, March 4, 2016

New Guitar Day: Boy I Really Have A Problem

It's true.  I really do have a problem.  I just can't pass up a good deal.  I can't even believe I was able to snag this.  I mean, it's not as good a catch as getting the Dean Gran Sport for $96, or the Dean Hardtail with case for $180.  However, I managed to snag a Ebony Epiphone Les Paul for $165.  They originally sold for $499 plus tax.  So I was ecstatic to get this one for that price.

Onto the pictures!!!!

I mean, this deal was just made for me.  First, the seller had it listed for $175, but I let it pass.  I knew I shouldn't be spending money on even more guitars.  Then, he lowered it three days later on Craigslist to $165.  I gave him a call, and he said that the one guy who was coming over for it said he couldn't make it.  So I jumped on that chance.

I think a lot of my deals are due to me being able to drive a bit out of the way.  This seller lived in Holiday, which is right next to Tarpon Springs.  He was only a mile or so from the water.  Since I am in Lutz, he was 25 miles from me.  So for people in Tampa, he could be 40 miles from them.  I had the day off, so I was happy to make the drive. 

Now the guitar isn't perfect, but for a 2005 model it's in pretty good shape.  It has belt buckle scratches, and the tailpiece is nicked up.  But I have to admit, it was one of the best set up guitars I have ever bought used.  Someone did a really good job on that.  I made a few personal adjustments, but I could have lived with the original set up. 

Now, part of me says, "Yeah, buy it now, and flip it for $300."  But part of me wants to keep it.  And since I'm closer to Tampa, I might be able to flip it locally.  But we'll really see what I do with it.  I'll sit on it for a few weeks. 

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