Monday, September 7, 2015


For the past six days I have been cleaning and purging the house.  Frankly, it has been too long.  Our house has too much stuff in it, and a lot of it is out of date, broken, or hasn't been used in decades.  This has lead to what is now being referred to as, "The Purge."

Well, it's not exactly the movie, in that, it's more like the TV show, "Hoarders."  My cleaning and purging has lead to a few things.  Namely, that I'm a no good scumbag, and how dare I throw out other people's stuff.  I have been insulted, yelled at, passively aggressively ignored, talked over, and generally just treated badly. 

Why?  Because a certain member of the household is a die-hard hoarder, and won't let anything go.  After I tried to purge a few things that hadn't been used in a decade and didn't work, I was yelled at/asked why I didn't throw out my own stuff.  So I did just that.

I cleaned out and donated my old X-Box (along with games, controllers, and connecters.)  Also, clothing, books, VHS tapes, and my old trucking stuff.  I also shredded some old paperwork that needed destroyed. 

But back to the certain family member who won't throw out anything.  Her walk in closet (huge) was so stuffed full of old clothes she could not physically put anything else in there.  So she donated 5 black bags full of clothing that was old, out of style, and/or wrong size.  This lead to a partial mental breakdown and lots of tears. 

Frankly, this is when it was started to feel like I was dealing with someone on the TV show, "Hoarders."  Except, unlike the show, this person doesn't want help, and will not admit she has a problem.

Okay, that's a file image off the internet, but this is how it feels.

I clean the house, and they call me a good son.
I ask why don't we get rid of some of the stuff we have, and I'm no son of theirs.

I convinced my Father to sell off his old stereo equipment.  It hadn't been hooked up in over two decades.  When the buyer checked it out, almost all of it was in such disrepair that it could only be used for parts. 

Frankly, this has kind of split the family.  I was asked, "Why do I have to do this now?  Why I am doing it behind people's backs?"  Well, there is an easy answer for that.  Every time I have ever tried to clean the house, it is always a bad time.  This goes back decades.  Every yard sale I've had has been my stuff.  The person in question won't get rid of their stuff.  If I try to move anything, even my things, it has to be looked through, and inspected before it can go out the door. 

I have to ask,

1.  Why is there such a collection of Reader's Digest books that will never be read?  Not just them, but books that have been read once, and will never be read again in this house. 
2.  Why are there 8 track tapes in the house.  Do we even have an 8 track player?  And if we do, why listen to tapes through that thing?  The quality was terrible then, and it's even worse now.  With the internet any of those songs are available at the drop of a hat.
3.  What do we need a box of Sears VHS training tapes (from the 80's )for?
4.  Speaking of VHS tapes, there is a collection of over a hundred that have never been watched, never will be watched, and just take up space.  It's not like they are even regular movies. 
5.  Also, the box of old travel guides just needs thrown out.
6.  What's with all the cassette tapes slathered in dust?  I can see keeping a few of the select ones, but I don't see the need to keep all of them.
7.  What of all the office stuff?  Since she is retired, is all that stuff really necessary?

I ask these questions, and everyone gets mad.  She makes a stink, and then my father pussies out.  It's just, "not a good time."  And it never is.  It never is.  There is never a good time to clean up the house.  That's what's been going on the last few decades in this house. 

It's high time someone stood up, and said, "This is the time!  The time is right now!  The Purge begins right now!" 

But for now I'm told to back off.  Since I was asked to "clean my own stuff out," when the rain stops I will start on the garage.  When the garage has enough room to maneuver about, I will work on the upstairs garage. 

However, after that I will ask the question, "Why can't we work on cleaning the inside of the house?  I'll see what the answer is then.

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