Friday, September 4, 2015

I Found A Turtle

A long time ago when I was all about jogging, I found a turtle.  I had watched Forrest Gump one too many times.  In the late 70's he was part of the jogging phase that America was going through.  So I thought, "Hey, he just feel like running, well, so can I."  So I started jogging up and down the street. 

Since I was in school all day, and worked the evening shift I would run at night sometime between 9 and 11 PM.  I would usually have to avoid stepping on bugs and such when I was jogging, but one night I encountered something different.  It was a turtle.

Okay, it was a toy stuffed turtle.  I picked him up and brought him home.  I then proceeded to give him a bath via the clothes washer.  I think he liked taking a swim in it.

Since then, he has hung around the house.  I know he likes watching the fishtank.

I'm not sure if he likes watching the fish, or wants to eat the fish.  Either way, he can't get enough of the fishtank.

Sometimes, he borrows my computer, and gets on Youtube.  He likes listening to, "The Turtles."

Some would call it irresponsible to have marine life just wandering around the house, but he's quiet, doesn't eat much, and generally stays to himself.  So I'm glad to have him around the house.

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