Thursday, January 29, 2015

STD (Snail Transmitted Disease)

It seems my fish tank got an STD.  That's a Snail Transmitted Disease.  For some odd reason I now have all these tiny snail covering my fish tank.

Okay, they haven't gotten that big yet, but still.  They are everywhere. 

I guess the look on my face when my tank got an STD was the same as anyone's when they got an STD.

Even the gouramis in the tank are like, "Wha?"

Seriously, I have to ask myself the same questions as anyone else does.

1.  Who has my tank been with lately?

2.  How many tanks has my tank been with lately?

3.  When could this have happened?

I had to think on this a bit.  I haven't brought new fish to the house in a long time.  I only get water out of the sink.  (Note:  We have well water, and it goes through a filter and softener.  That way it is clean and the PH is neutral.)

However, I remember that when I was having problems with the PH I used rain water from the barrel outside.  It then occurred to me that there could have been snails in there.  Crap!  This really is my fault. 

Here's what I am dealing with.  Now, they are tiny, so they may be hard to see, and even harder to take pictures of, but they are there in the photos.

So now comes the next part.  Getting rid of the dang things.  Yes, my tank needs a shot, or more correctly, my tank needs a shot of snail killer.  They do sell it in pet stores.  So I'll be off to get some meds, and get rid of my fish tank STD.

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