Sunday, August 24, 2014

THIS! Is Not A Salad Bar!!!

I have a pet peeve.  I will admit it.  It has been the cause of many a fight among the household.  First off let me show you a picture.  Look at this:

Notice anything wrong?  Well, it comes down to the fact that I can not make a damned salad in this house.  Everyone gets all bent out of shape to what's in their salad.  I can only put lettuce and carrots in a big bowl, and then have to make a salad bar for all the other ingredients.

So why is this a problem?  Well for starters notice how much room is on the table?  There's no more room to put dinner on the table.  Due to the salad bar, I can't put anything else on the table.

Next, it creates much more work for me.  I end up spending more time than I should on it.  I am not a God Damned restaurant.  Shut up and eat!  I mean really?  Do I have to go through this amount of work for every single time I have to fix a salad in this house?

I think back to my childhood.  You know who doesn't raise a stink about what you are cooking?  Poor kids.

That's right, starving kids don't tend to complain about what they're given to eat.  I grew up in a middle class neighborhood that was going downhill fast.  The kids I ate lunch with never complained about what food they had, because they were frickin starved. 

My point being, the people in this house have gotten too soft, fat, and lazy.  As cook, I have the right to put a freaking salad in a salad bowl without making a salad bar.  This is not a restaurant.  This is my kitchen, and the cook is always right.  So shut the fuck up and eat.

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  1. Stop making everyone else's dinner and have them fend for themselves....or just make the damn salad and they can pick what they don't want out!