Sunday, June 15, 2014

Feel the Fury of Fishy Hatred

The fish are mad at me.  It's true.  You see, new carpet is being laid down in the house, so their 46 gallon mansion has to be moved.  What does this entail?  The short story, a lot.

But here's the long story.  First I had to set up a temporary tank outside.  I only had an old 10 gallon tank that I kept my pet scorpion "Sunny" in years ago.  So I had to set it up.  Next, came collecting all the fish, which they did not like.  I got them moved into their 10 gallon apartment.  I can understand them being mad.  Going from a 46 gallon mansion into a 10 gallon apartment?  You'd be mad too.

But overall the move is not too bad.  I get to do some serious maintenance on the big fish tank.  I am able to empty all the water, as well as take a razor to the glass to clean it.  I was able to take the main filter apart, and give it a good cleaning.  The main point is that it will look like a mostly new aquarium once it is put back together. 

Now as far as moving the tank around, that was surprisingly easy due to a giant lift jack my Dad put together.  We just put it level with the tank, moved the tank over to it, and shipped it off to the wash room until the new carpet is laid.  The fish tank stand is sitting outside at the moment.  Now both are out of the way for the carpet man. 

But back to the fishys.  They are not happy.  Would you be if you were living like this?

They're like, "What's your problem air breather?"

(Feel the fishy hatred.)
Have you ever seen a fish pucker his lip?
"Not gonna comment.  Nothing to say to you human."

"Why have you done this to me!!!!"

So there you have it.  They have to spend 24 hours in an apartment until the carpet gets put down, and I can reassemble the main tank.  Then, maybe they will start to like me again.

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