Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Amplifier is a Foot!

So about six months ago I bought this Laney Amp.

It was in bad condition, and needed a lot of work.  One thing that it needed was a new foot.  Long story short, it seems one of them had been ripped out.  I figured that out by the way hole that was left was larger than the rest of the screw holes.

Even the old feet were really chewed up.

So, I had to make a new foot for it.  Well, I have this neat tool that makes round wheels with a hole in the middle.  Dad put it on his lathe, and cut it down to the proper size.  I went down to Ace Hardware to buy one whole wood screw.  I then recessed the foot, screwed it on, and came up with this.

Boo-ya!  It works great.  My amp now sits up the way it's supposed to.  So the next thing is to put the back screen on it to protect the tubes.  That will be another blog.

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