Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Blue Strat, Part 1

Well, I decided to make use of some guitar parts I had lying around, and put together a guitar.  It's one of those typical Stratocaster projects.  So I won't go over every little detail on this guitar.  I will highlight what makes this one different from others.

Here's the body.  A sonic blue Strat body.

These are my magic ingredients.  Basically I am making a type of shielding paint.  I use the acetone to thin out the liquid tape, and then load it up with graphite.  It will shield the body from unwanted signals.  To make it this way is much cheaper than buying the same stuff from Stew-Mac.

Here I am taping off the body.  This stuff if messy, and I suggest you wear gloves when dealing with it.

See, it is pretty nasty.  I think I thinned it down too much.  But it evaporates really quickly.

Here's the first coat.

And the second.

And the back.  I couldn't forget that. 

Looking back, I think I could have added more coats.  It's hard to know how well it works since there is no before and after testing of the sound.  Again, I suggest for you to be careful.  It is pretty nasty stuff, and you don't want to get it anywhere you shouldn't.

Part 2 will focus on the electronics.


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