Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working Man

I haven't been posting much lately.  Namely, because I have a new job.  I have been so used to writing these epic blogs that I kind of forgot that's not what I did originally or what I have to do.  So from now on I might be writing shorter and to the point blogs.

So I am working for a company that is a vendor for Verizon.  I am answering inbound calls.  But before that I am in training, and there is so much to know.  I feel like an old dog trying to learn new tricks.  However, I also felt that way about trucking.  I knew nothing about diesel trucks but ended up learning a bunch about them. 

So far the job doesn't seem too hard.  Yeah, some people are angry, but as long as you know they are going to be angry it's not so bad.  I think a lot of my co-workers take things too personally.  But they have good and bad days like anyone else. 

The odd thing that I'm not used to is that, 80% of my co-workers are black women.  I've never really worked with black women, so it's kind of strange to see them interact with each other.  No one has been mean to me, but it is odd to watch them.

So many of them complain that the bosses are so mean, and I think back to trucking.  You don't like what they say?  Try being a trucker picking up something in New Jersey.  Then you will know what it's like to be treated badly.

I mean, if the bosses say, 1.  Don't have food at your desk.  2.  Follow the dress code.  3.  Take your breaks and lunches on time, they actually mean it.  Don't get mad when they call you on something they have told you countless times.  And you know what?  If give them attitude about something they have already told you they will threaten to send you home.  Have you not worked before?

I mean, I'm not a "company man" by any means, but there are just some things that are common sense.  Try pulling that crap at any other company and you will get the same response.  That or, they will just up and fire you.

I'm not supposed to know this, but one of my bosses told another "nameless" person that "I have potential.  And why not?  I show up in dress clothes and a tie everyday.  I am clean.  I show up on time.  I don't talk back.  I don't have food at my desk.  It's not that hard.

In my training class they hired 35 people.  I honestly believe half of them will wash out within two months.  I don't say that to be mean.  I say that due to the attitude most of them have.  What I can't understand is that there were over 200 applicants and they pared that down to 35 people.  I moved ahead due to my college degree and my sales experience.  That's how I was hired.

But as I end this blog post I will leave with one funny thing.  My one training boss looks like Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." 

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