Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Guide to Adrian's Spirit Guides

As I am dating someone with American Indian roots, the subject of spirit guides came up.  I made the comment that everyone seems to have uber cool spirit guides like wolves, eagles, and bears, but no one has regular or boring animals for their guides.  I mean, has anyone actually even seen a wolf now a days?  Is the only thing that someone might have in common with a wolf might be that they wolf down Mickey D's burgers on a regular basis?

So the comment was thrown at me, "Okay smart guy.  What are your spirit guides."  And to that I said, "I'm glad you asked."

The Penguin

First and foremost, my main spirit guide is a penguin.  Here's the rundown on the penguin as a spirit guide:

Fatherhood; understanding of feminine energy; waking dreams; astral projection; patience; endurance; lucid dreaming; teaches grace in emotions and actions; paying attention to dreams, thoughts and ideals; Fasting. Sacrifice. Abdication. Self-discipline. Self-mastery. Self-maintenance. Territory. Aesthetic Appearance. Water Mastery. Air Mastery. Uncommon Grace. Earth Resistance. Primal Heartbeat. Self-Confidence. Specialization. Adaptation. Dreams. Slipping Between Worlds. Purpose. Determination. Etiquette. Black and White.

Pos: Paternal, masculine, feminine, patient, enduring, polite

Neg: Territorial, poor eyesight, rude, serious, conflicted

Primary Element: Water

Secondary Element: Air
Well, I'd agree with a few things: 
Fatherhood in the fact that I like taking care of pets.  I did work in a few pet shops.  That was a lot of animals to take care of. 
I am good about day dreaming.  In fact, I do a good amount of sleeping/daydreaming/dreaming. 
I gotta agree with with the aesthetic appearance.  I have a bunch of brightly colored shirts, so I am kind of concerned with that.
All the negative things, well I'd have to agree with all of them.  Especially the bad eyesight.
What I don't agree with. 
Understanding of feminine energy.  I am bad at girls.  That is all I have to say about that. 
Uncommon grace.  No one will agree with that. 
Fasting?  Look at my belly.  I haven't missed a meal in a while.
Patience?  Um, yeah... not my thing.
My next spirit guide would be the Armadillo.
Armadillo's Wisdom Includes:

  • Understanding your personal boundary
  • Respecting the boundaries of others
  • Carrying your protection with you at all times
  • Understanding your vulnerabilities
  • Empathy
  • Discrimination
The main power behind the armadillo is boundaries.  I gotta say that I agree with that.  I am kind of rigid when it comes to boundaries.  I can also ball up and keep my feelings closed off from everyone.  I did tend to keep personal things from others, including my family.
I may or may not agree with the empathy thing.  With close friends and relatives I can be very empathetic.  But to people I don't know, I can be a little .... shall we say, off putting.
The Dung Beetle:
My next spirit guide is a little odd.  It's the dung beetle.  I know most people would say, "Ew!"  But in Egypt it is called the Scarab Beetle.  It's very important in their culture. 
The Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle represented their sun god, Ra. Ra was the Egyptian god who rolled the sun across the sky and buried it each night.
Dung Beetle's Wisdom Includes:
  • Connection to spherical power
  • Ability to move heavy objects
  • Persistence
  • Reemergence/resurrection
  • Spontaneous generation

I'm not sure if I have a connection to spherical power, but I did move a lot of heavy objects in my younger days.  In fact, I feel that I have had a heavy burden on me my whole life.  Some things more mental than physical.  Although, I do agree with persistence being a feature of mine.  I also agree that spontaneous generation comes through in my writing of music.  Of all my spirit guides, I may relate closer to the dung beetle than I thought.
I would have to say that the next spirit guide found me.  For those who don't know my Chameleon Dave "found" me when he was crossing Sunset Blvd. here in Lutz.  Read how Dave came to me in this blog:
Chameleon teaches how to show true colors of the self in your environment and in your sincere emotional nature. Quickness, sharpness in endeavors. Shows how to be tough on the outside with emotional/spiritual/mental armor along with facing one's fear. The mind and intellect can be used for defensive purposes in which Chameleon will show how to strike when necessary with discernment and patience paired w/ intuition. This animal shows a talent of adaptability to the environment and surroundings. Are you easily influenced by others, perhaps it's time to speak your mind? Do you absorb too much from others, maybe it is time to learn proper defenses? Chameleon can teach the art of sensitivity and independence to master changes of the mind, body and spirit. Demonstrates rejuvenation time. Listen carefully to your intuition and inner sight.
There are different types of spirit guides.  There are those who you reflect, and there are those who teach.  I think the chameleon is one that teaches what I should become.  I have trouble with my inner thoughts and emotions becoming an outer problem.  I have had trouble adapting to new things, places, and surroundings.  The chameleon is a good teacher for me to learn to go with plan B.  I think the chameleon will help me get my act together.
So that's my spirit guides so far.  Maybe as I get older a few more will find their way to me.  Maybe some of the old ones will send me new messages.  Hopefully I will find myself a little older and wiser. 

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