Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting My Goat, and Loving It, Part 2

So I went to the Florida State Fair yesterday.  Mainly to see the crafts that were entered by my Father and Sister.  Here's the pictures of the two pieces that my Dad entered.

And here is the piece that my Sister entered.

Good for her, she got 2nd place. 

Next, I went to see something that I really had been wanting to see.  The goats.

I can hear him saying, "Hey man, do you have some taffy?"

I love this picture.  Look at the expression on that Mommy goat's face.  It's like, "Oh yes!  Yes, yes, yes!"

Something that is better than big goats are little goats.  And baby goats are just awesome.

Don't cha just want to give em a hug?

Next up, turkey, turkey, turkey.

I should have taken a video of this rabbit because he would not hold still.  Out of 7 photos I took, this was the best one.

Look, it's a Silke chicken, just like in Farmville.

I just wanted to give this duck a hug.  I bet it laid magic eggs.

This rooster was more than loud.  It was insanely loud.

This picture is just hilarious.


Next up brings the question of the rides.  Well, it seems that the Fair is not so fair.  They only sell all you can ride wristbands on certain days.  Otherwise, everything was way overpriced.  I felt like I was in a Carnie type atmosphere.  Everything was a gimmick.  So I went ahead and left.  At least the animals/ plants/ agricultural stuff/ crafts were really nice. 

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