Monday, August 22, 2011

Adrian Visits Rock City Gardens, Part 3

Continued from, "Adrian Visits Rock City Gardens, Part 2."

As I kept walking I came up to Observation Point.

Obviously.  But the views from it are pretty amazing.  You can overlook the town, and then get a great view of High Falls.

Next you have to go through the Rainbow Hall to get a great view of High Falls.  I guess Rainbow Hall is the kind of place that Gnomes like.  Well maybe gay Gnomes.  Who knows.

Here's a great view of High Falls.

Then comes one of the tight squeeze places that kids love, and most Americans can't fit through.  I couldn't really take pictures in there due to the lack of light.

Then came a neat kind of formation.  The 1000 ton rock.

Well, what do know.  I found the Enchanted Trail.  It was in Georgia all along.  Woundn't have thought that.

So then it appears that Magic Valley is located right next to the Enchanted Trail... in Georgia.

Next came the Fairyland Caverns.  (No Smoking.)  I didn't expect Fairyland to have so much sea corral in it.  Kinda strange.  I would have taken more pictures, except that it was so dark in there I none of my pictures would come out.

At the very end of Rock City Gardens there was this semi-older water wheel.  You don't see too many of them these days so I took a picture of it.

More to come in, "Adrian Visits Rock City Gardens, Part 4."

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