Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Now Own The Ring Of Marvolo Gaunt

That's right.  After much research and travel, I have found the lost ring of Lord Voldemort's ancestor, Marvolo Gaunt.  For those who don't know what the Hell I'm talking about, you should probably just shut your browser now. 

But let's be honest.  You came for the pictures.  Here they are.

I know it makes my hand look evil, but does it make my fingers look fat?  I know some of you will say, "Hey, Prof. Dumbledore destroyed that thing years ago."  Well, all I have to say to that is, have you people heard of jewerly repair?  There's at least 3 jewerly repair stores in every mall plus all the gold buyers, plus all the independents.  It's not hard to repair people!!!!

I'm not planning on doing anything evil yet.  But I won't say that it's out of the question.  Now I just need an elder wand.

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