Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ongoing Baritone/ Tele/ Cello Project, Part 2

Today I got to do some more work on the Tele body. 

First up was some more routing.

I had to make sure there was enough room to put the pickups in.  Once you see the top you'll understand.  Speaking of the top, I cut it out as well.  I did it by hand, and not CNC machine.  It came out alright.  I'm happy with it.

This is a maple top.  I cut the pickup routes for a Fender special humbucker in the neck.  A single coil in the middle, and a standard Tele bridge pickup in .... well bridge.  You can now see why I routed the guitar like I did.  It has (what is called the) swimming pool route under the pickups.  It is routed in a circular pattern for the F-hole and electronics. 

Next comes the glueing.

My next step is simple.  Wait.  Yep, I have to wait 48 hours until I take the clamps off.  I like to give the glue plenty of time to dry.  Once I take the clamps off, I can route the final shape of the outside. 

I will update with a new blog once I get some more work done.

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