Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Geographic Adrian: Stupid Butterflies, Part 2

When I was in West Virginia, my evil twin sister was taking pictures of any and every stupid butterfly that passed by.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  But it just so happened I was with my Dad and one flew by.  He asked me to take a few pictures of the butterfly for my sister.  So I begrudingly did.  What I learned was that those things just don't like to hold still.

I was at the Adkins cemetary when I took a picture of this one on some of the grave flowers.

The next week I was moving the maple wood up the hill.  While taking a break another stupid butterfly zoomed by me.  What's up with those things?  So I took some more pictures for my evil twin sister/ science/ whatever.

Wait a minute!  It's the same butterfly.  That damn thing is stalking me!  It just likes to zoom underneath my nose, and make a pest of itself.  Well, at least I am now at home where it can't bother me anymore. 

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