Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grandma's Beaver

My Mother's Mother (my Grandmother,) Joyce was a pretty good Grandma.  When you're a kid you think that old people don't know anything.  My Grandmother may not have known the latest G.I. Joes or Transformers, but she knew a lot.  I think she was the smartest of all my Grandparents. 

She also had a very sharp wit.  I think that's where I may get mine from sometimes.  Luckily, she also had a really pretty smile to get her out of jams.

She liked to do crossword puzzle and such.  My Grandfather and her liked to go to yard sales/ flea markets/ and small Mom and Pop shops.  Again, I think I may pick up a little bit of that myself.  I think it's like modern day archeology.  But the one thing she really liked was cats.  She always had cats.  She had a cat figurine collection.  You could say she even got the shirt.

It was funny because all the things she liked combined in what may be her best, most hilarious, defining moment.  We were all out at a flea market when her and my Mother went into a booth where the shopkeeper was selling cat collectibles.  The shopkeeper and my Grandmother really got along well.  They were talking all things cats.  He started telling her how his cat got hair everywhere.  It was a really hairy cat.  That's when my Grandmother said the phrase she will be forever be remembered for.  "If you think that cat's hairy, you should see my Beaver." 

This is Grandma's Beaver.

The shopkeeper about choked, turned 14 shades of red, and then about passed out.  That's when my Mom blurted out, "The cat!  The cat's name is Beaver!"  At that point I don't know if the shopkeeper believed my Mom or not.  She continued, "His tail is flat and wide like a beaver's tail!  That's why he's called Beaver!"

From what I hear the shopkeeper was still in a state of disbelief as my Mom and Grandmother left his booth.  I remember Mom yanking Dad to the side, and telling him the story as fast as she could.  Dad of course, found the whole thing hilarious.  I still think Mom is embarrassed about the situation to this day.

I just wanted to be the fly on the wall when Mom explained to Grandma what she said, and what the shopkeeper thought she meant.  But really, could you explain the concept of a hairy beaver to a face like this?

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