Sunday, June 4, 2017

Adrian: Amateur Handyman: Updating The Bathroom

Back when the house was built, its theme was to be a Florida/tropical house.  It would be an ocean theme with lots of blues and light greens.  At the time I really had a thing for sea breeze green, so that's what color the carpet was on my side of the house. 

Last year I painted my bathroom a very light green.  A cabinet was also added during that time.  However, I felt that my bathroom could use a little more color and updating.  The first place to start was the shower curtain.  I needed a new one, and I happened to find the perfect one.

I think it just screams tropical.  Other folks in the house think it just screams.  But I will say this.  It came with it's own fancy shower rings.  And I really needed some new ones.  Here's a picture of them.

I also needed a new bathroom rug.  Mine was pretty wore out.  After running some of the more decorative ones by other people in the house, I settled for a plain colored one.  This one matched the carpet in my room, in that, it was a sea breeze green color. 

So I continued work in my room.  I was shopping at a thrift store when I saw it.  The perfect curtain for me.  And the best part?  It was only $3.  Of course, that ended up being offset by the cost of the curtain rod/rod holder ($12.)  And the curtain rings ($11.)  But still, here was the result.

It's a pretty cool paisley pattern.  The really good part about it is that, it actually blocks a lot of light during the day.  I didn't expect it to block out that much light, but it does a great job of that.  I only wish I would have had it twenty years ago when I slept a few hours during the day between attending college classes and working nights. 

I feel good about the changes I've made.  I think they are not only helpful but colorful.  It also makes my bathroom feel like a warm, tropical welcoming place.  And I'm very happy with the curtain in my room.  I feel it's just right for me.  Overall, I feel great about the amateur handy work I've performed. 

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