Friday, May 12, 2017

Spritz: New Cologne Day

In my entire life I have never bought cologne.  That's not to say that I haven't been given any, but I've never actually purchased any before.  I was given my first cologne by an aunt.  It was simply called, "Player" and had a very nice lime smell.  The second bottle I ever received was Hugo Boss cologne given to me by my mother.  In the twenty some years I've had that bottle I've used only about one-third of it. 

So I felt it was time to find a cologne for me.  What I've been looking for was something close to the Player cologne that I received many years ago.  The problem I've had with the lime colognes these days is that they are really musky.  The Player cologne had a much more clean lime scent, and I can't seem to find anything like it.

So I stopped by a store, and asked about the cleanest scents on the market.  One of the colognes the saleswoman showed me was called Thallium.  Of all the scents I tried this one stood out to me as the best. 

I read some reviews of it, and the reviews were mixed.  The biggest complaint was that it wasn't musky.  I found that to be a ridiculous statement, in that, it's not supposed to be musky.  It's supposed to be clean.  Some felt that since it was clean it was too much of a woman's perfume. 

The biggest factor in searching for a cologne, is that, it shouldn't smell musky.  Personally, I find musky colognes to smell like B.O.  I wanted the cleanest smelling scent I could find, and I found Thallium to be the perfect cologne for me. 

The good news, is that, since it's a well known cologne it can be found at many different locations.  I'll never be able to not find it.  But lets be honest, I'm sure this bottle will last me for quite a few years. 

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