Sunday, April 23, 2017

Adrian: Amateur Handyman: The Pet Peeve Silverware Drawer

Every damned day it's the same thing.  The knives get shoved in the back of the silverware drawer, and get bent.  This is due to the drawer being 22 years old and warped.  Over time the knives have been shoved to the back, and opened up the back of the drawer.  Let me show you the pictures.

So you see the problem I'm having.  The knives get pushed to the back, through the slit, and then bent.  Seeing as how it's Sunday morning, Adrian the Amateur Handyman comes to the repair!

First, I take the blasted thing out.  Then I look for a flat table in my workshop.  There is none.  There's too much stuff everywhere.  So I take everything outside. 

Cue the Titebond 2, small nails, and a hammer.

This is what happened.

1.  Glued it.
2.  Realized the drawer had warped after 22 years. 
3.  Realized I really should have seen that coming.
4.  Broke out the clamp.
5.  Spent 10 minutes looking for the correct kind of nails.
6.  Found nails.
7.  Bang, bang, bang.

So I cleaned up the drawer, and it looked like this.

Not bad, right?

So I go to fit it in the slot, and it won't fit.  It was a bit warped, and when I tried to straighten it, it didn't want to line up correctly.  So, a little bending was in order.  In the end, it made it into the slot.  However, I have now traded one problem for another.  The sliding action is a wee bit tight.  But we'll see what happens after it gets moved back and forth a little bit. 

So I can't really claim victory on this one, but I can't call it a defeat either.  I guess I'll call it a draw (er?)

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