Sunday, March 5, 2017

New BackPack Day!

Like I said in my previous post about the gun show, I needed a new backpack.  Not for school, but for out hunting.  I carry a lot of emergency supplies in my backpack.  I also carry simple things like water, bug spray, beef jerky, and extra shells. 

The backpack I had been using was pretty old.  In fact, it was my backpack from when I was in high school.  It had finally started to wear out and fray.  Not to mention the zippers just didn't want to work anymore.  I think after 26 years or so it had served its purpose. 

When I was at the Tampa Gun Show I saw a number of great backpacks.  Unfortunately, a lot of them were, "tactical" backpacks.  Frankly, they were a lot more backpack than I needed.  I needed something simple without many pockets.  I liked the company that made all these backpacks.  They were called Rothco. 

So when I arrived home I looked them up on the internet.  I was able to find a simple backpack made by them that suited my needs.  The simple one I found was also $20 compared to the tactical backpack that was $45. 

Here's a picture of it.

I know that's the manufacturer's picture of it, but if I took a picture it wouldn't turn out too well.  The backpack really is olive green, and blends in with anything near it.  That's one reason it's on an all white background in the picture. 

But I gotta say, I am happy with it.  It's tough, it's simple, and it will hold what I need it to.  I'm feeling pretty darn prepared for this upcoming hunting season.  I am ready!

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