Wednesday, September 14, 2016

HVAC: Home Edition, Part 2

A few weeks ago I cleaned out the squirrel cage blower on one of our A/C systems.  We have two systems to cool down the house.  So I finally got around to cleaning the other blower.  First up, this is what I was looking at.

It's a bit different than the other unit, but then again, that one has been replaced twice.  This unit and system is still running after 22 years.  Of course, I was told that it hadn't been cleaned in 22 years either.  So let's get to working on this.

Luckily, I only had to disconnect a few things, and not cut any wires.  It was a bit dusty on the outside, as well as rusty.  And by rusty, I mean, one of the screws holding the unit was being a pain in the butt as I was trying to get it out.  Take a peek.

But it did manage to come off with some elbow grease.  Then I managed to get the whole thing disassembled.  And it was a bit dusty if I do say so.

Yeah, it's a bit dirty. 

So I got around to cleaning it up a bit.  Between brushes, screwdrivers, and compressed air, I think I got it looking somewhat decent. 

Then came the hard part.  Putting it all back together.  Everything was going fine until I found one plug-in that didn't have anything to plug in to.  So I actually looked at these pictures I took, and found one thing.  Take a peek at the upper left hand corner.

Do you see the plug that doesn't actually plug into anything?  Yeah, that's what I was dealing with.  So once I found that it didn't actually plug into anything I was able to put everything back in place. 

So that's another great HVAC victory in the books.  After putting the cover on, and turning the system back on, I had to put my ear against the blower to make sure it was running.  In other words, it was running so smoothly I could barely ear it.  That's a good thing.  It shows that I got it nice and clean. 

So it's onto the next project sometime or another.  I'm learning a lot in class, and hope I can continue with my string of success.

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