Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Razor's Edge

Let's be honest.  I'm kind of a hairy guy.  Which is kind of funny in that, most of the men in my Father's family are bald and generally hairless.  But not me.  I take after my Mother's Brothers.  I am dark haired and have plenty of hair.

So when it comes to shaving I am particular about what I use.  For the last 25 years or so I have used the Gillette Sensor.  It has two blades, and works well in cutting around my beard.

Yesterday I was looking for a new Gillette Sensor handle as my had worn out, and I couldn't find one.  I asked one of the workers there, and he said they were phasing it out.  Namely, they had a bunch of new models they were concentrating on pushing.  They still had the razor blades for sale, but they weren't going to produce the handles anymore.  You know what they have in it's place?  This.

You know what the "big" selling point for this razor is?  It has five blades.  FIVE BLADES?  Really guys?  That's three more than needed.  For those of us with beards we need precision to cut our beards.  I need to be able to cut a straight line with my razor.  I don't need five blades.  That just makes it harder to keep my beard looking normal, and not like a five year old decided to cut it.

And I'll admit, I'm not the first to talk about this problem.  They were making fun of this years ago.  But my main problem is that, they've stopped producing the Sensor, thus forcing me to buy a razor blade with three, four, or five blades.  I would even consider going to a straight razor if I didn't think I would cut my throat wide open and die in my own bathroom. 

You would have thought some of the folks at Gillette would have seen these "commercials" about razors with a lot of blades.

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