Monday, June 1, 2015

New Pedal Day: Biyang Flanger

This is my fourth review of a Biyang pedal.  So far, all of them have exceeded my expectations.  It's amazing that pedals that are so affordable not only match up with the higher priced BOSS pedals, but I think they are superior in quality and sound.

I wasn't sure if I should get a Flanger however.  I have had the same DOD Flanger for fifteen years.  I chose it because I could get the perfect sound for the solo in Lit's "Miserable."

The one thing about it though, is that, it is bright.  But that's okay because I like bright.  However, when my amp is set bright, and my pickups sound bright, well, adding a bright flanger to the mix is a bit of overkill.  The other problem is that, it was a one trick pony.  It could do that one song well, but not really any others.

However, for the price, I had to try the Biyang Flanger.

Again, it doesn't disappoint.  The one thing is does really well is adding a deep flange to metal songs.  If you've ever heard Dimebag Darrell play "This Love" off of Panteras' "Vulgar Display of Power," you can really hear his Flanger pedal cranked up.  This pedal does exactly that sound.

It can also sound exactly like the intro to "Come as you are by Nirvana."  It's a very deep flange without being muddy.  I also like how it's very versatile with the four controls.  So you can really play with the controls until you find something you like.  And you really do have to play with it quite a bit to dial in your particular sound.

So overall, the Biyang Flanger is a great pedal to add to your pedal-board.  Right now I think the BOSS Flanger is running about $99.  The Biyang is half of that, and sounds better.  So, if you are thinking about getting a Flanger, get a Biyang.  You'll be glad you did.

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