Monday, June 22, 2015

Hood Problems: Part 3, Lost Drawers

This is the third part of my Hood Problems series.

Here is part 1:

Part 2:

When I get sent to apartment complexes to perform maintenance work, there is one thing that is more certain than death or taxes.  That is garbage.  Or more correctly, I would say litter.  Lots of litter thrown carelessly everywhere.  In the hood, I found a staggering amount of soda and alcohol bottles.  That's nothing new.

However, at each apartment complex I always find something odd.  I remember the first time I found an adult diaper half buried in a corner of a complex.  I have found a semi truck tire hanging near the dumpster one time.  However, the hood complex I was at had something that made me shake my head.  Drawers.  And not just one.  I found a surprising number of drawers underneath cars in the parking lots.

No, not those type of drawers.  Men's underwear.  However, since I blog on blogger, I am not allowed to post sexy images, so I have to post the closest thing I can.  But you get the idea.

This lead me to thinking, "Why are there so many drawers on the ground?  How can guys lose them at this kind of rate?"  Well, it may have something to do with how they wear their pants in the hood.

And before anyone says, "That's racist!," please know that every adult male I saw at that complex had his pants like that.  Every one except the probation officer who was there to check on one of his "clients."  He didn't wear his pants like that.  But every adult male who lived there did.

Of course, they could have been cast aside by Underpants Gnomes who realized there was no way they were going to make a profit off them.

But anyway, let me get back to being a bit serious for the story.  My day is boring.  Extremely boring.  Even my bosses know this, and let me listen to my I-pod all day.  So when something as weird as drawers hidden underneath cars shows up, it brings a bit of excitement to my day.  It just makes a great story to tell your co-workers during an otherwise boring day.  It also makes a somewhat good blog. 

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