Thursday, December 12, 2013

My So Called Celebrity Feud With Paul Walker

In a way I hate to write this since Paul Walker just passed away.  However, people keep asking me what happened between Paul Walker and myself.  So here's the story.

I was working in Miami as the main luthier at Guitar Center in 2002.  Fast and Furious 2 was being filmed in Miami.  In fact, they even shut down one of the main bridges in Miami for a day to film a car chase scene. 

Here's the funny part about this whole story.  I don't actually remember meeting Paul Walker.  I know, right?  How did this big dust up happen if I didn't even talk to him?  Well, here's what I was told.

I was told by my dickhead of a boss that Paul had come in on a Friday for me to look at a $2200 Gibson acoustic guitar that he had bought.  He said it wasn't playing right.  I supposedly took a quick look at it, told him nothing was wrong with it, and blew him off.  He then returned the guitar on Sunday (a day I didn't work.)  It cost the salesman who sold it to him $400 in commission.  Paul bought the same model guitar from Sam Ash, and liked that one better.  He wasn't rude about returning it, he just thought the other one played better.

But here's what I remember.  That Friday was the worst Friday I had ever had.  I only had three customers instead of the 10-15 I usually did.  None of them were Paul Walker.  I told my dickhead boss this.  He said he was going to look into the matter and "get to the bottom of this."  He never did get back to me on that. 

So here's my conundrum.  Did I really blow off Paul Walker or is this something that was made up by my dickhead boss?  Anyway, this thing really blew up around the place, and due to that and one other incident I was fired. 

I was fed up with Miami at that point, and gladly moved back to Lutz at that point.  I hate that Paul Walker passed away, but I will always wonder what really happened.

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