Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Adrian's Year In Review: The Best of Blogs 2013

Well, it's that's time again folks.  It's time for my year in review where I select my best blogs by the number of views and my personal favorites.  This year I am judging from 54 blogs, so I have kept up with my personal goal of writing at least one blog per week. 

It was a different kind of year for my blogs.  In past years I wrote about trucking or stories from yesteryear, this year I wrote more about doing repairs on my Girlfriend Lili's place.  However, the blogs that did the best were ones that were about odd stories and of videos I made.  Here's the list.

Adrian's Top 10 Favorite Blogs of 2013

9 and 10.  (Tie)  Repairing Josh's Guitar, Part 1.

Repairing Josh's Guitar, Part 2

This is probably the best work I have ever done on a guitar.  The work is almost seamless.  The work I did on this job got me work on other guitars.

8.  The People I Work With

In the big tree that is the Target Corp. you are bound to have a few nuts.  Seriously, the store I work at has 170 employees.  Not all of them can be normal.

7.  The Amazingly True Story of How Adrian Got His One And Only Wood Duck

This is a tale years in the making.  It's a good read.

6.  Farmer Adrian and the Sheepie Pigs

From the lighter side of Adrian's mind, a idea that would make an awesome kid's book.

5.  Adrian Guy, Superstar

The worst/best practical joke I have pulled on a health care professional.

4.  The Guide to Adrian's Spirit Guides

This was one of my more researched and in depth blogs.  It was probably the longest one I wrote in 2013.

3.  Kingdom of the Petting Zoo

I have an awesome program that will let me do a lot with what I film.  This is the first video that really let me expand what I thought was possible in movie editing.

2.  Life of Gourami

This was kind of a changing point in my life regarding the fish I had.  I had never had Gouramis before so it was neat getting some new fish.  I had a great idea about filming a video about them, and putting some music to it.

1.  Doggie

This is by far my favorite blog of the year without a doubt.  In fact, it was my clear cut decision from the get go.  It combines the music of a great friend, a great dog, and I really pushed the boundaries of what I could do as a movie editor. 

Adrian's Top 10 Blogs By The Numbers For 2013

10.  Repairing Josh's Guitar, Part 1.,  45 views.

9.  Frog Baseball,  50 views.

A funny little tale about invasive frogs.  A lot of funny in a short blog.

8.Observations From The Blues Bar,  59 views.

The blues bar is its own culture.  It also makes a great blog.

7.  Kingdom of the Petting Zoo, 59 views.

6.  Adrian: Amateur Handyman,  61 views.

This blog is all about work and pictures.  In this blog I show the work I did on Lili's place.  It also has a great photo of Monster Dog.

5.  I Possess The Chamberlain High School Library Door Handle, 62 views.

I wrote this on the first of the year, and it's still hilarious.  I've never got so many "Oh no's!" and "Oh my's" from my friends from a blog. 

4.  I Am Homer, 72 views.

Adrian has a love affair with Home Depot and it shows.

3.  Life of Gourami, 102 views.

2.  I am a ..... Sloppy Painter?,  136 views.

Some of my bad art is now out there on the internet.  You're welcome.

1.  Farmer Adrian and the Sheepie Pigs,  414 views

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might see a sheepie pig book with some other author's name on the book.  That's more views than I would have thought from this blog.  In fact, it is the number one viewed blog post for 2013 by a mile.  Who would have thought?

So there you have.  There's the best of 2013, and it's a wrap.  It wasn't my best writing year, but there were a few gems in it.  I'll try to get the tale tales up and running again next year.  Take care folks.

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