Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Blue Strat, Part 3

Part 1:

Part 2:

So here I am putting the guitar together.

I was using full sized pots so I had to shave a little wood from the inside cavity.  You can see where I have the tape marking where I should cut. 

Here I placed the pickguard where it should be, and have taped it down.  I did that so it wouldn't move when I was drilling the holes.

Here's the back.  I am drilling holes for the backplate.

The neck fit perfectly on this body.  A lot of you might be asking why I am using a Squier neck on a good body with good electronics?  Well, of my four Strats, this is the best neck of all of them.  It's straight with no dips.  It has no fret problems.  It's smooth, and thin.  The other three Strats I have had all have weird neck problems.  This one is the most comfortable and easy to play out of all of them.  In fact, I will say that it is, hands down, the best Squier neck I've ever seen.

Here you can see the tremolo put on it.  Again, this one when one pretty easy.  I was really worried about getting it perfect, but it proved to be no problem.  Some guitars are pains to work on, some make it seem easy. 

Here's a better shot of the body.  I really dig the look.

And here's a shot of my messy desk, and the Little Blue Strat all strung up.  Also, I really dig the strap.  Lili got it for me for my birthday.  The guitar is fun to play, and feels really comfortable.  I always wanted one in sonic blue, and now I have it.  So I feel pretty good.  Now I just have to wait until no one is home so I can crank my amp. 

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