Friday, September 27, 2013

Adrian: Amatuer Craftsman, The Bathroom Cabinet, Part 5

It turns out that I am not an amateur craftsman right now.  I am in fact, an unhappy camper.  I have put in all this work on the bathroom cabinet right?

Here's the picture of it:

Well it was decided by someone in the household, who will remain nameless, that it looked too rustic, and should not be put up on the wall in the bathroom.  That's great.  I could have been told 15 hours of hard labor ago!  Really, I go through all this effort to cut and measure the wood, paint it, then have Lili paint it, and then, after it's complete, I'm told, "It doesn't match the rest of the house.  It looks too rustic."

Well, that was the point.  It was supposed to look rustic.  I was supposed to look old timey with pretty flowers.  It was supposed to be bigger than the cabinets you could buy from Home Depot, and actually made with real wood instead of particle board and cardboard.

So I don't know what I'm going to do with it.  I know of two places that it might go (in other people's homes.)  But for now I am going to put in a crappy Home Depot cookie cutter cabinet in the bathroom.

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