Monday, December 24, 2012

Adrian's 2012 Year End Review: The Best of Blogs

Yes, it's that time of year again.  It's time to count down Adrian's best blogs of 2012.  I do two lists.  The first is a strickly by the numbers best of list.  It goes by the most views.  The second list is my personal favorite lists.  It's the blogs that I wrote in 2012 that I like the most.  Onto the lists!

10.  Soul Asylum Vs. The Rolling Stones:  Who ya got?   126 views.
As I was listening to "Without a Trace," I noticed something.  See if you can too.

9.  Hairy Fishnuts   130 views.
Religion is sometimes funny.  I found this out firsthand.

8.  The Worst Vacation   150 views.
Read (or don't) on why Adrian had the worst vacation in years.

7.  Absinthe, Part 2.   165 views.
Read only, don't drink.

6.  What Kind of Motorcycle Guy Am I?  236 views.
I ask a question every adventurous guy should ask of himself.

5.  Goth Night at the Coffee House   298 views.
Seriously.  Check out the last picture with the goth chick wearing ..... not much.  Is that even legal to wear outside your bedroom?

4.  Guitar Project #7, The Rosewood Telecaster   370 views.
I inherit a big piece of rosewood, and decide to get crackin on it.

3.  The Headbanger and the Bob.  397 views.
Even though this shows up as written on 12/31/2011, the actual time I wrote it was on Jan. 1st early in the morning.  It's a fun little story.

2.  WSTN   498 views.
This is probably my most metal blog ever. 

1.  I'm Finally Putting My Orchestra Training To Use.   1838 views.
I never would have thought this would be so popular.  However, it's by far this most popular Adrian blog of 2012.

And now for Adrian's personal favorite blogs of 2012.

10.  A Little Piece of Heaven.  A House, A Home, A Log Cabin
What I wouldn't give for my own home.  What I wouldn't give to build my own home.

9.  The Green Recliner
Sometimes the universe gives you gifts.  Mine was the green recliner.

8.  I'm a Terrible Painter
Seriously, I am bad at painting.

7.  The Serial Killer at Cafe Kili is Really Annoying Me.
I'm just waiting until I see this guy on the news.

6.  Too Cute To Shoot?
I like hunting, but I don't know if I have the heart to shoot one of these guys.

5.  The 80's Attack!  Movie Review:  The Adventures of Hercules 2
I don't know if I could become drunk enough to make it all the way through this movie.

4.  Goth Night at the Coffee House.
I know I said it earlier, but did you see that goth chick?

3.  Hairy Fishnuts.
Seriously, it was all I could do not to lose my shit when watching the Hairy Fishnuts.

2.  Fuzzy Memories With Durice D. Long
Durice was a great man.  How could I not love this blog?

1.  Hunting Season 2012: Story 2, Hoggin It Up.
I have to admit, I am partial to myself.  So it should come as no surprise that this is my favorite blog of 2012.

Thanks to everyone for reading.  I do appreciate it.  Including this blog, I will have written 65 blogs this 2012 year.  Like I always say, I try to aim for one blog per week, so I was ahead of my average.  I hope that I continue to write well in 2013.  Take care everyone.

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