Thursday, September 27, 2012


A while ago when I was listening to Loveline on the radio, co-host Adam Carolla said that in the 80's he thought his chances of dying in quicksand were 50/50.  For those who weren't there, it seemed that every show on TV had a quicksand scene.  It's something that you just can't make up. 

So what does this have to do with me?  Well, I go hunting.  And not just in the woods.  I hunt in swamps where there is a chance of quicksand.  One year I was hunting in a new spot.  It had rained a lot recently, and I actually did get stuck in quicksand.  Luckily, I did what Bear Grylls told me to do.

I threw myself backwards onto a log, and practically swam out of there.  In fact, I got stuck in some quicksand in a different place during that trip.  Oh yeah, and a copperhead snake was trying to bite me at the time.  It was almost typical.  I shot my gun, and fell over backwards. 

Also, take note.  Quicksand is as messy as it looks.

Also, it's not like they put up signs marking where it's at.

Oh, here's the end to that story.  I called home, and told my sister that I got stuck in quicksand.  She laughed her ass off.  She had also heard the Adam Carolla bit.

So what does quicksand have to do with this year's hunting trip.  Well, I am going to a new place.  Here's the map of it.

If you notice one thing about the map is that, I am hunting right on the ocean.  Which is of course, quicksand central.  A lot of hunters/ firearm enthusiasts like to point out how few firearm accidents there are out hunting.  Well, I haven't seen the statistics of quicksand deaths, but I don't think it would be anything to brag about. 

I worry that I will actually have to write a will before I go hunting.  Again, nothing to do with guns.  I just have that feeling like Adam Carolla I will have a 50/50 chance of dying in quicksand.

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