Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amazing Blog Post #300

That's right.  This is my 300th post.  It all started with a suggestion and then a dream.  First it was my sister who said that with all the crazy ideas I had, I should really have a blog to express those ideas.  I then had a dream to write a blog about destruction, hence the name of my blog, "Destruction for Fun and Profit." 

It all started when Myspace was the big social network to be on.  Myspace was kind of an all in one website, that's why I liked having my blog on it.  But Myspace decided to change their format multiple times, and made it more and more user unfriendly.

So I decided to move my blog over to blogger, and I couldn't be happier.  Their format allows me to easily post photos and videos, and make my blogs even more entertaining.  It was one of the best decisions for my writing and blogging. 

But I can't believe it.  300 posts.  This is a perfect time to make a 300 joke.

Back when I started my blog, I made myself a promise that I would try to post once a week.  I thought that would be a fair amount.  But once I decided that I would post about more than just destruction, I found out I had a lot more to say.  So instead of posting just once a week, I have averaged about 80 posts a year.

Today just happens to be exactly one year since I moved my blog over to Blogger.  I switched over on Saturday February 26th, 2011.  I remember it well.  It was right around the time I got really sick with my gall bladder.  After surgery, I found that I had plenty of time to blog since I was going to be out of work for a while.

Once April 4th comes around, it will be exactly four years that I have been blogging.  I am glad I expanded beyond just talking about destruction.  I have posted true life stories, odd thoughts, pranks, tall tales, picture posts, and some general mayhem. 

I am very proud of quite a number of these blogs I have written.  I always try to outdo myself, and hope that somewhere in my next 300 blogs I will be able to do that.  I always try to entertain and hope that I will continue to do so. 

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