Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adrian's Insane Violin Project, Part 2

When I left off from Part 1, I mentioned that I would be ordering an Adirondack Spruce top soon.  Well I did, and here's the pictures of it.

Here's a picture of it being glued together.

I know it looks like I over did it with the clamps, but I only have one chance to get it right. 

Next I started working on the back of the violin.  In case you missed the part 1 of this blog, the back is made of black walnut.  I have already carved the top part, but I needed to carve the inside of the back.  To save me hours and hours of hand carving, I decided to use my dremel.

After using the dremel, I started to use my convex hand planer.  I used it to smooth out the inside.  I also used a variety of hand sanders.  You can see in the next picture how much smoother the inside is starting to look.

After a few hours work, I decided I had done enough work for the day, and would continue my violin building tomorrow.  Here's where I left it.

Next up, I will be completing the inside curve of the back.  I will also start work on the spruce top.  I will also start searching for the perfect pieces of rosewood to make the sides out of. 

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