Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Scar Is Only Half A Tattoo

Every time I look at my stomach it looks back at me.  My pink inscision scar from where my gall badder was taken out.  At least it's not as gross as it was when it looked like a bleeding chest vagina.  It has now turned to a very pink shade of .... well pink. 

But let's be honest.  It looks kinda boring.  It's a seven inch scar straight up and down on my stomach.  In all fairness it looks like a pink slug.  That got me to thinking, I don't have a tattoo, and swore I would never get one but......

Let's be honest.... again.  This scar is half a tattoo.  Some of the work has already been done.  If I had an artist draw antennas on the scar, it would be a perfect pink slug.  But why stop there? 

Do you remember the movie Dr. Doolittle with Rex Harrison?  He rode a giant pink sea snail around the world.  Stick some antennas and a shell on this scar, and it's a perfect pink sea snail.  And I like snails.

I'm all for getting a sea snail tattoo.  I think it would be a great ice breaker when talking to people.  Especially weird people.  They dig those sort of things.  Oh, and alternative/ mental chicks would dig it too. 

I was thinking about posting a picture of my scar, but I'm still a little self conscious about it.  That's why a tattoo over it may make me feel a little better about it. 

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