Friday, July 29, 2011

Sights and Scenes From The Road, June 29th Edition

Just when you think you have seen everything, something else comes along and makes you question just how much crap is out there in the universe.  Three things have stuck out to me this week.

1.  I was driving my giant semi-truck through a work zone on the interstate.  There were concrete barriers on each side, but it did have two lanes open.  There was not much room on the shoulder of the highway due to the concrete barriers.

    It was then that the semi trucks in front of me started diving out of the right lane and into the left.  I immediately looked to my left, and saw no car(s) were there.  I then turned my own semi into the left lane, and that's when I saw it. 

A Mexican:

On a lawnmower:

     Driving on the shoulder of the interstate.  He had a little cart he was pulling behind him.... on the interstate.  Remember when I said that thing about there being very little shoulder on the road, and concrete barriers?  Yeah, his left tire was over the white line on the road.  In other words his lawnmower was in-between a concrete barrier and a semi truck.  Not exactly a good place to be. 

     He was kind of freaking out, but in all fairness no one should be driving a lawnmower on the interstate through a work zone.

2.  As I was driving my giant semi truck through Nebraska on interstate 80 I saw something that caught my attention.  There was a motorcycle underneath an overpass in the shade.  It was pulled about as far as it could be off the interstate, but still be on the shoulder of the road.

    I then looked in the grass on the other side of the metal barrier.  It was a biker passed out on a blanket.

     I don't know if he wanted a nap, or just a tan.  I do know that he was completely out of it, and catching some serious Z's.  But, I am glad that if he decided he felt too tired or drunk to drive, he should pull over.  To be honest, there's not much out in Nebraska except corn.  Really, it's 430 miles across interstate 80, and it's mostly corn. 

3.  I had drove to pick up a load when I had a bit of a disagreement with the security guard.  He was a old bossy black man with a mustache like the Monopoly man.  You know, this guy:

     Seriously, I can not make this stuff up.  He was bossy, and just kept talking all the freaking time.  He wanted to waive his metal detector over me to make sure I didn't bring weapons into the shipper, or steal anything from the shipper.  He had a huge white mustache that must have taken him years to grow.  All I could think was, "Shouldn't you be on a board game?"

     I think he was at the age where he was old and bossy.  But I will give him credit.  He took his job more seriously than 99% of people out there. 

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