Monday, July 25, 2011

Cassie the Cascadia

I have told my friends about the new truck I'm driving.  It's a Freightliner Cascadia that I've named Cassie.  She's very German in that, the seats are very stiff, and almost L shaped.  The transmission is also very stiff and rugged as well as unforgiving.  She has a Detroit Diesel 15 engine.  Right now the odometer reads 255,000 miles, so she's not quiet broke in yet. 

I just had the mechanics do a preventative maintaince performed on her.  That's when they go over everything, and make sure she can pass a D.O.T. inspection.  So right now she is running pretty good for a Freightliner. 

It's always weird driving someone else's truck.  You never know how long you will be driving that truck.  For me, I never know if it will be two weeks or another year.  I once had a truck that I really liked get called in because the mileage so too high.  So that meant it was time for them to sell it. 

But all I can do right now is treat her as well as I can.  That's what I plan on doing, and to keep rolling down the highway.

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