Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adrian Visits The Incline Railway, Goes Up

I always said that when I had the chance I would visit the Incline Railway.  It's a train that goes up Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.  Here's the whole story:

I paid $1.00 for parking.
I paid $14.00 for the round trip ticket.
I went up.
I bought 3 postcards for 99 cents.
I went down.
I had one of the workers there take a funny picture of me.

I also took a picture of the train.

I then took some photos from the top.  The view was kinda nice.

I also took some film of it. 

So overall, I think a real train ticket would have cost less and been more fun.  I should have saved my money for hookers and beer.  

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