Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gone Fishin' .... In the Huntington Museum of Art's Fish Pond

It was a dark and stormy night, or it wasn't.  It was actually the middle of the day at the Huntington (West Virginia) Museum of Art.  The whole family had gone there to see the wood turning exhibit.  It was a great exhibit, and gave Dad a few ideas.

But the real action was in the conservatory.  Yes it was really called that.

That's where the fish were.  Oh, there were also some plants.

But back to the fish.

No, not those fish.  Those are good fish.  Mollies in fact.  But there are better fish.

Those are Koi, off of the Goldfish family.  And those aren't just any Koi, those are really good size Koi.

These are the kind of Koi you want to catch.  But it might look suspicious if I brought a fishin' pole into the museum.  So I had to do it the hillbilly way.  I had to catch them with my hands. 

The Koi are used to being fed so they naturally come to the top of the water.  It was then that I made my move.  I stuck my finger in the Koi's mouth.  He didn't like the taste of my finger apparently.  I also happened to be embarrassing the ever-loving bejezzus out of my evil twin sister.

Here's some footage of the Koi in the pond.

They look like happy fish don't they?  So we left, and I didn't catch any fish.  But I did see some "art" on the front lawn of the museum.  What the Hell is that?  It looks like a bunch of pillars fell over.  Really, doesn't it?

So you might wonder why I acted so evil?  Well does this explain it?

That's right.  I ate the fruit off the tree.  An evil serpent told me to.  Really.  What?  Don't you believe me?

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