Monday, May 2, 2011

The Big Maple Haul

A few posts back, I wrote about cutting up a maple tree with my Dad.  Here's the original post:

So the question is now, what did we do after we cut it up into piece?  Well, it took a lot of work getting the wood pieces up the hill, but Dad and me managed to haul 40 pieces of wood up the hill and into the truck.  Dad had 30 pieces that will hopefully one day be turned into bowls.  He also had and additional 5 pieces that will be turned into goblets.

I only had 5 pieces, buy they weighed at least 100 pounds or more a piece.  I had two pieces that are meant to be cut into cello sides.  One piece will be able to cut a few cello backs out of.  And then I had two pieces that I will be able to make into guitar bodies or backs.

The total gross weight of our haul had to be at least 1500 pounds.  Luckily our trailer can handle that much weight.  That may not sound like a lot for all that much wood, but think about this.  First we had to haul it up the hill to the truck.  Then load it into the truck.  After that, we had to drive over to Grandma's house, and unload the wood from the truck, and into the trailer.  It's a more strenuous job than lifting weights. 

Here's the picture of the trailer after we loaded it.  Note my big blocks of maple on the bottom.

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