Friday, May 13, 2011

Battle! Or the Re-enactment of the Battle....

It has been a little over a month since I was at a Civil War Battle Reenactment while on Vacation.  I recorded a few clips, but was unable to post most of them due to the size of the files.  Now that I have a better connection I will post all the files, and explain what's happening in them.

1.  The Union Army advances while being shot at by the Confederate Army.

2.  The Confederate General is giving his men instructions.  I then pan over to the Union Army taking position, lining up, and shooting.

3.  The Union Army advances just after the Confederate Army had shot it's cannon.  At the 11 second mark you can see all the smoke from the Cannon.

At the 21 second mark you can hear my Evil Twin Sister say, "You can smell the smoke."  Then I, wittingly say, "Smells like victory."

4.  This starts out with the Confederate General giving orders to his men.  You can see him giving the different hand signals.  At the 10 second mark the cannon goes "Boom!"  At the 27 second mark the Union General lines his men up to fire.  They then proceed to fire one by one. 

5.  At the seven second mark I just barely catch the cannon firing.  At the 13 second mark one of the Union Soldiers "dies."  25 second mark I try to zoom in.  At this point they are at least 500 yards away.  At the 33 second mark the Confederate Troops advance. 

6.  This is the end of the battle, er.... re-enactment of the battle.  The Confederate Troops capture the last two Union Soldiers and the battle comes to an end.  They uncover their hats, and "Taps" is played.  At the 29 second mark some jackhole walks in front of my camera.  What's that about?  Anyway, it seems that "Taps" is magical, and all the soldiers rise from the dead.  At the 1:26 second mark the one soldier says he can't hear us.  It is kinda funny cause that cannon was really loud.  Like Metallica loud. 

The funny thing was, the Union won this battle, not the Confederates.  But I guess this was just a "skirmish" before the main battle.  I wonder if next year the Union gets to win the skirmish? 

What was kind of strange was that just a minute after the skirmish big drops of rain started to fall.  It was like a slow buildup.  By the time we made it back to the car it was raining pretty good for Kentucky. 

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