Friday, April 1, 2011

Unintelligent Design: Adrian Vs. the Gall Bladder

So I when I was in the hospital, the doctor's were dumping bags of saline and antibiotics in me intravenously.  A few days after the surgery I was feeling pretty good.  When I was talking to my Grandmother she told me, "That's the power of prayer."  Now my Grandmother is the nicest person I have ever met, so I didn't have the heart to say what I really thought.  That being, "I wouldn't need prayer if God was smart enough not to have put a gall bladder in me in the first place." 

But really, let's look at the gall bladder.  We (humans) really don't need it.  Actually, I should say we don't need it anymore.  It is meant to dump bile in the stomach to help break down the fat in raw meat.  And I should specify, red fatty meat in particular.  I guess it's a good organ to have in case someone eats a lot of fast food in this modern age.  I guess all that bile would help break down all the fats in fast food.  But for me?  Well, I like my dead animal flesh cooked well done.

I am very mad at my gall bladder.  It did try to kill me after all.  But let me start at the beginning.  Back in 1995 I had the roughest day I had ever had while out working landscaping.  The next morning I had what I can only call "an attack."  Straight down my spine, around the ribs, and down my chest all felt like they were rubber bands being stretched to the point of snapping.  Ever since then I have had a few of these type of attacks every year.  There was no rhyme or reason when or why they would occur.  They would just come out of nowhere.

Fast forward to early March of this year.  I ened up having another one of these attacks, except for one thing.  It didn't go away.  For six days I writhed in pain.  I went to the emergency room, and after everything they did, they told me I had muscle spasms.  I ended up following up with a really good doctor who found out my gall bladder was in extremely bad shape, and sent me to the best surgeon in Chattanooga.

Now all these years I had back spasms and back pain.  I just had a weak or injuried back was all I could figure.  But after surgery for my gall bladder my back pain has gone away.  Here's the strange thing.  The majority of pain was on the left side of my back.  The gall bladder is located on the right side.  I never had pain where my gall bladder was.  There was never pain on the front, right side.  It hurt everywhere else. 

So now that my evil, diseased gall bladder is out of me, I hope that I will never have another one of those attacks again.  Now, I just have to let the giant 7 inch incision known as the chest vagina heal up. 

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