Thursday, April 14, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen With Adrian

As I spend vacation here in West Virginia I notice it's a simpiler way of life.  I decided to throw myself into the country life by making a handmade pie.  Since this is an Adrian pie, I used Splenda instead of Sugar. 

I told my Grandmother that I would make a Strawberry Pie.  Of course, she started to worry. 

"But I don't have a crust," she said. 

I said, "That's okay, I'll make it by hand."  Which made her worry more. 

"How are you going to make it?" 

"Well, I figure I'll use some flour and a few other things."  Okay I know that was a smart ass remark, but really it's not that hard to make a crust.  Oh, and I'm not giving away my secret ingredients.  So I chopped some strawberries and other "secret ingredients" and this is what came out.

And I didn't even have a rolling pin.  How my Grandmother could not have a rolling pin I don't know.  But back to the point.  This could be the greatest pie ever made.  Not just by me.  The best pie period.  That's something to think about.

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