Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Violin, Part 3, A New Old Friend

Some projects I work on actually turn out okay.  I finished the violin tonight.  I repaired the peg holes, and have all the pegs sitting very tight in the violin.  The bridge fit perfectly.  I actually managed to get the soundpost installed.  And the thing that surprised even me.... I didn't break a string.  I was sure I was going to break one of the strings, especially the high E string.  But I got her up and playing well.  Well, I think she plays well.  I still have to have a violin player really play her, and give me their thoughts. 

So a few people are asking me, "Why did you buy and repair a violin when you don't even play violin?"  Well, it's actually kind of a personal story.  When I was with my former girlfriend Roxy (not her real name,) I told her once we were married with our own house we should adopt a Chinese girl.  I think that world is overpopulated as it is, and it would be nice if every couple had one child and adopted one child.  Or if they wanted three children, have two and adopt one.  I'm all for a woman's right to choose, but I don't like how Chinese baby girls are treated.  I feel they are put in the same class as drowned puppies. 

I was hoping that we could adopt a Chinese baby girl, and I could help get her started playing the violin.  I know I couldn't teach her how to play, but I know lots of available violin teachers.  I thought it could be something we could do together, since I play the cello.  I didn't want to have a violin that was mass produced garbage.  It just seems the new violins on the market are soulless.  They just seem boring both in tone and color.  This violin has soul.  It has battle scars, multiple repairs, real shelac finish, and a warm tone. 

But this is the sad part.  I am no longer together with Roxy.  I am starting to get a little old to have a family.  So I have this violin as a reminder of what could have been.  I hope that this violin has a purpose in the future.  I want to believe that it came to me for a reason, and that it will be used and loved in the future.

Here are the repaired peg holes, and re-shaved pegs.

Here are two pictures of the bridge I fit.  I can't say made, but I did cut from a blank.

And here she is set-up and ready to go.

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