Monday, February 28, 2011

West Virginia Story #2, Cuteness Overload

Jul 28, 2010

So I told my girlfriend Roxy (not her real name) that we would see a lot of animals while out in West Virginia.  Boy did we ever.  Our first animal sighting was a few deer on the side of the road.  It wasn’t long after that we saw a wild turkey, and boy was he a big one. 
We were in Oil Springs, Kentucky visiting the old graveyard that my ancestors are buried in.  One of the houses on the rural road had cats, a lot of cats.  It seems two female cats had kittens, and there were about 15 or more kittens running loose.  They were insanely cute, but they were all feral.  A few would come within a yard of Roxy, but they wouldn’t let her pet them.  Although, a little while later Roxy did get to play with a few dogs.
Once when we were aiming to leave Grandma’s house, a beagle came running by the river.  I tried to wave him over, but he had other things to sniff.  We headed over to where some horses were kept, and visited them.  I wish they were in better health and shape.  Beside the horses and Shetland ponies were a few grouse type birds.  They were funny looking, but they had about twenty little chicks with them.  They were all puffs of feathers.  Roxy almost exploded with cuteness overload.
While driving back from the horses a boy was hanging out on his side porch.  He had a momma hound dog and about six pups with him.  The pups were all about twelve weeks old.  I could have gotten one for free.  In fact, if I had stopped, and picked up a kitten or dog for every free animal sign I saw, I would have come back with a gunny sack full a cats, and a trunk full of dogs.

One thing I was glad to get pictures of was a doe, and her twin spotted fawns.  It also sent Roxy into cuteness overload yet again.  I wish I would have had my video camera with me then.  They stayed out in the open for about two minutes. 
So I have to say it was a successful trip for sending Roxy into cuteness overload.  In fact, we saw deer every day we went out. 

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