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Weird Birthday

Aug 27, 2009

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So my birthday is finally over.  It was weird.  Some good, some bad.  Here it is, mostly in order.

1.  Woke up late.  But I wasn't really late for anything, so I guess the correct term is that I slept in.

2.  I called a job lead that I had gotten from "Hurricane" Tanya at Roadmaster.  They really needed someone, and I qualified.  It looks like I might actually have a local trucking job. 

3.  Then I had to fill out a trucker's job application.  For those who don't know, Homeland Security is a real bitch on looking into trucker's backgrounds.  So you have to put everything criminal, financial, driving related, where you have lived, referances, and the last 10 years of your work history.  My job app was 12 pages long.  That is true.  But I got it faxed in before 5 PM, and hopefully they started working on it, or at least got the ball rolling. 

4.  I now have two potential buyers for an amp that I have been trying to sell for a while.  Both are a little nutty, but they are musicians afterall.

5.  Since it was my birthday I was told that we would go to any resturant I wanted.  I said that I just wanted some Boston Market chicken.  So I went and got it. 
     That lead to a very odd situation coming back.  I saw a hit and run.  Some scumbag was going too fast, hit a woman's car so hard in the back that it hit the car in front of it, and then hit the car in front of that car.  Then the scumbag took off, and I followed him, and got his licence plate.  I stayed as a witness for the three people whose cars got hit.  I got a good look at the scumbag.  When I looked at the policeman's computer as to who owned the car, it wasn't the guy who was driving.
      The police found the car abandoned behind an apartment complex.  We all had a sinking feeling that the car was 1. Stolen,  2. The scumbag and his friend were holding drugs,  3. They were illegal immigants,  4.  They had warrents out for their arrests.  5.  Any or all of the above.
       The ladies who I helped out were very thankful for the help I gave.  It surprised them that it just happpened to be my birthday. 

6.  I got cheesecake.  Yeah.  Cheesecake.

7.  I got some guitar pickups, guitar magnets, and a birthday card about golf.

8.  I watched the Bucs play a very strange preseason game against the Dolphins.  They lost, but it could have been worse... or better.  I don't know.  It was a very preseason game. 

All this in one day.  I was really expecting a very mild and calm birthday.  But, this was my lucky Hobbit Thirty-third birthday afterall.  Hopefully the day after my birthday will be a little more laid back. 

Carolan Long You went above and beyond what the normal person would do these days, and that is"not get involved".  Kudos to you Adrian, may you have many more Happy Birthdays, with lots more cherry cheesecake.

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