Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughts From The Road, Nov. 2010 Edition

Nov 25, 2010

As I travel I have lots of free time to think.  Here are a few thoughts/moments that have crossed my mind.
California needs more buffalo.  Parts of California are really crowded, but some parts aren’t even populated.  I think they should stick a few buffalo out there. 
I think I saw my first lot lizard the other day.  I got out of the truck to pee, and didn’t have my glasses on.  She was talking to the truck that was parked next to me.  I didn’t care at that point.  I just really had to pee.
Every time you pass a Swift ™ truck, an Angel gets its wings.  I am thinking of putting sleigh bells by the CB, and then when I pass a Swift truck ring the bell over the airways.  I would then explain to them that an Angel just got its wings. 
Covenant has actually found a way to pay me below minimum wage.  During my training period I make $390 a week.  After taxes that’s 313 a week.  Now I know a lot of you are saying, “$390 divided by 40 is about $10 an hour, what the Hell are you talking about?”  Well, you have to take into account that I work a 70 hour week, not a 40 hour week.  $390 divided by 70 is closer to $5.75 an hour.  Of course, after taxes it’s more like $4.50 an hour.  Either way, it’s what all the trucking companies have been doing, and so Covenant did too. Last time during training I made $0.14 a mile.  I actually ended up taking home about $500 a week. 
Also speaking of pay, they lowered the driver’s pay after they get out of training.  After training I made $0.17 a mile (team split.)  Now they are paying $0.14 a mile (team split.)  It makes a difference of about $150 a week.  This is just unreal.  There used to be an old saying in the trucking industry.  You used to drive a semi for the money and the aggravation, now you do it for the aggravation.  When prices are going up, and inflation has been out of control the last few years, why would you lower pay by 25%.  Oh, they also lowered the pay for those hauling Haz Mat loads.

At a Pilot fueling station I saw a truck pull in, and then the weirdness came.  The driver got out of the truck and pulled up his pants.  I don’t mean adjusted his pants, I mean pulled them up over his ass.  He then zipped up, buttoned, and looped his belt.  Its times like that, you just have to let it go.
Due to a small paycheck, I have been eating less.  That combined with not eating sugar products has led to me losing some weight really quick.  I had already lost some weight, but now I am searching for a belt loop that is not there.  I may have to use my knife to cut a new belt loop hole. 
After hearing it multiple times, I am now positive that Mannfred Mann’s song, “Blinded by the Light” is the dumbest song ever written.  Note:  It was not written by Mannfred Mann.  It was written by some unknown kid from New Jersey named Bruce Springsteen.  True story.  Really, look it up on the internet.
I truly wonder how long I can grow my beard out until it drives me crazy?

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