Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sex Clock

Nov 30, 2009

Every now and then I daydream.  Ok, I daydream about every other minute.  But there was one happy thought I had during one of those daydreams. 

I thought, wouldn't it be neat if everyone had a sex clock above their head?  When someone had sex, their sex clock would go back to zero, and then start counting forward.  And every time that you would hear a bell ring, well, that means that someone's sex clock turned back to zero.

Ok, for all you "what if'ers" out there.  Here are some sex clock rules.  Someone would only get their sex clock once they turned 18.  And we are only talking about consentual sex.  Also, the sex clock is only visable to the person it belongs to, and their partner (if both partner's agree on that.)  The ring of the sex clock bell is out there in the supernatural stream/ realm.  It exists along the same plain as ghosts, bigfoot, and white NBA players. 

So I can only imagine if two people are having an after-sex cuddle, if you listen very carefully, you can hear their sex clocks turning back to zero. 

It also makes me think of someone I know who hasn't had sex in years.  I bet her sex clock is, in fact, not digital, but an old fashioned wind-up sex clock.  I also bet that it weighs heavily on her shoulders, in that, it was not supposed to have that many numbers on it. 

So that's my idea.  Love it, hate it, or bored with it, please spread the word.

Melanie Now that's just rude.  What about priests?  Would they have one, too?  And like, their bishop or the Pope could see it and know if they had molested any boys that week?

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