Sunday, February 27, 2011

Running Down A Dream

Oct 30, 2009

Well, it happened again.  I had another wonderful dream about riding a motorcycle.  I usually only have nightmares, but every once and a while I will have a wonderful dream about riding a motorcycle.

For full disclosure I have never even sat on a motorcycle.  Also for the record, I am terrible at riding a bicycle.  I have no balance, and I don't know how to just take it easy, and ride at a reasonable pace.  I go full blast, and wear myself out. 

I always like the motorcycles in my dreams.  They are like something the guys at OCC would come up with if they all took LSD.  This particular motorcycle was red and black with just the right amount of chrome.  The weird thing about the black part was that it was not metal painted black.  It was actually ebony wood.  That's right, you could actually see the wood grain, and it looked awesome!  Another weird fact was that my Dad had done all the woodwork on the motorcycle. 

Then there was starting it up.  Now I have no idea how a real motorcycle works, but that didn't stop my imagination.  I started it up just like a two cycle engine.  First, I pressed the little bubble to start the flow of gas to the engine.  Then I choked the gas.  Then turned the ignition, fired up the engine, and released the choke.  I let it idle for a bit, and then took off down the road.  Slowly at first, and then up to 65 MPH. 

I also remembered wearing earplugs in my dream.  Motorcycles are loud so I didn't want to damage my hearing any more than it already is.  I also wore a helmet in my dream.  One can never be too careful, even if it is just a dream.

I wanted to take a quick ride down my short street where I live, but for some reason the street just kept going on and on.  One fun thing was all the kids on the street loved my motorcycle.  They ran along side me, and yelled how cool they thought it was.  I also think they had one of their dogs with them.  I waved high to all the families on the street who were out mowing their lawns, and washing their cars.  In a way, it was like a 50's era sitcom.

So this is the third or fourth dream I have had about riding a motorcycle.  I just don't understand it.  I don't ride, I have never riden, and I don't really think about motorcycles.  I think I need Dr. Freud.  Maybe the motorcycle really means something else, and I just don't know what.  But maybe a Harley Davison Dyna is just a Harley Davison Dyna.

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